Message Sent to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Committee

4 Aug

Message Sent to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Committee.

Destroy Thy Neighbor, Enrich Thyself

23 Apr
That is the commandment observed by a cohort of lawyers and their black-robed fraternity brothers who would betray the trust of their office and their fellow man for gain and who lack the conscience to deter them from enjoying the fruits of their treachery.


APRIL 23, 2012

If you live in Delaware County, I’ll bet you know someone who has been wronged by the very ones we put in place to protect us in a court of law. The persons I am speaking about are not sore losers but real victims of legal abuse.

No complaint was filed, yet you receive a letter to show up in court. You tell the honest to God truth. What can go wrong?

The other side’s attorney lies to the judge’s face and even advances false writings to the court. His attorney fears you will expose false information presented to the judge through your own cross-examination, so he silences his client. You have proof that your opponent is a fraud. There is no basis for his claim.

No jurisdiction exists, yet an order is set in his favor.

IT HAD BEEN EIGHT [8] YEARS since Superior Court vacated Judge Pagano’s order that would have ended my legal rights under the note I held on Frederick R. Snyder’s New Jersey property. The note was signed and recorded in the Woodbury New Jersey courthouse and was security to me for half the down payment of the proposed marital home in Springfield, PA.  Once Snyder’s name reflected on the Springfield deed, he bolted and never paid his half.

Fred Snyder and his attorney, James A. Kelly,  were the sore losers in this case and set out to wear down the judge throughout his career until they accomplished overturning the Superior Court ruling and without ever having to prove Snyder paid his debt of one half the down payment for the Springfield home.

Just weeks after Superior Court’s ruling,  attorney Kelly filed for summary judgment regarding “the same matter, in the same court, involving the same parties”. Miraculously, Senior Judge Harry Bradley DENIED the claim; June 2005.

In October 2005, I filed for Injunctive Relief and requested my escrow funds be returned to me since Snyder never paid his half and was not entitled to any award. Judge Pagano denied my motion delaying the resolution of my case even further. Throughout the years, I sent Judge Pagano plea letters requesting he order Fred Snyder to sign off the Springfield home and I would release the note for $20,000 on the New Jersey property. My letters were ignored and everything I filed for relief and to end the litigation was either dismissed or denied. Everything.

In September 2008, I filed a lawsuit for “tortious interference in contractional relations” naming Judge Pagano, Fred Snyder and James A. Kelly as the defendants.

The Honorable Judge Harry Bradley died early in September 2008. Within days of his passing, James Kelly was at it again, writing letters to Judge Pagano. A week later, a letter would confirm a different  judge [James F. Proud] would now be handling my case. No new complaint had been filed, no new evidence was placed in the record that would require a discharge of the note on Snyder’s New Jersey property and the venue was improper for jurisdiction.

In thinking I could possibly reason with this new judge, I replied to his letter to clarify the unresolved matter of my Springfield deed and my escrow funds of which I had no accounting since 2001.

Months later, a hearing was set for June 24, 2009. No new complaint was on the record so I really had no idea what Snyder and Kelly were up to until that day in court. Snyder and Kelly were just not going to accept the decisions of Superior Court or the late Judge Harry Bradley.

Unbelievingly to me that the same matter would be permitted to be heard back in the lower court after the Superior Court ruling and Judge Bradley’s Denial and without even a complaint on the record, I expressed to Judge Proud why it would be an unjust enrichment for Snyder if the lien were to be discharged without him fulfilling his debt under the NJ note.  [link to June 24, 2009 audio]

Judge Proud claimed he understood. So why, without even a complaint on the record, no testimony or evidence that Snyder paid his debt, did Judge Proud enter a declaratory judgment? [declaratory judgment declares the rights of the parties, it is not an order to take action unless it is appealed.]  I appealed.

Nothing more took place for 2 & 1/2 years.  Snyder filed a petition for contempt on November 5, 2011. Contempt? For what? Snyder and Kelly are the ones trying to pull a fast one.

The petition was answered timely with a “notice” of counterclaim and the right to amend.

At 11 am on Dec. 20, 2011, I filed a memorandum in support of my answer with an amended counterclaim for breach of contract and fraud including an affidavit of truth. Three [3] hours later, I received an order stating if I did not comply with removing Snyder from my Springfield mortgage obligation and discharge the lien off his NJ property, then upon further application to the court, I “may be found in contempt”. Again, contempt for what? Snyder is the one in breach of our contracts!

By the way, the opening statement of the Order reads,  “and after hearing it is hereby ordered that defendant is adjudicated in civil contempt”.  There was “no” hearing.  Then at the end of this bogus order, it states, I “may” be found in contempt”.

Judge Pagano’s December 15, 2011 order did not include Snyder signing a quitclaim deed off my Springfield property but DID include a threat of $7500  for Snyder’s attorney, James A. Kelly. I filed Exceptions to that order and requested an “evidentiary” hearing. No hearing was held, no ruling on my Exceptions, no answer to my amended counterclaim nor was my Affidavit rebutted. For weeks thereafter, Kelly would threaten to have me detained by the sheriff if I did not come into his office and sign the discharge off his client’s NJ property. His letters were forwarded to Judge Pagano’s chambers.

Trying to resolve the issue of the deeds for years without the courts involved,  there had been six [6] attempts to accomplish removing Snyder from my mortgage and deed since 1996.  I paid the one-hundred[$100] application fee each time and gave Snyder a quitclaim deed each time.  Snyder’s attorney encouraged him not to cooperate.

Wells Fargo acquired my original World mortgage contract in Feb. 2012.  During the refinance application process,  James A. Kelly somehow got a hold of my paperwork at Wells Fargo and checked a box falsely indicating that there was a lien on my property for nearly $4,000 owed to him [Kelly]. This was an absolute lie. It appears this was a direct attempt to further harass me and profit for himself. Wells Fargo refused to honor my original contract terms denying me the interest rate I already held for 3.25 per cent.  Now it would cost me over $40,000 more to refinance. Never in over 17 years, was I ever late on a mortgage payment AND I hold a credit score of over eight hundred [800].  I was then forced to contract with yet another financial institution.

MARCH 5, 2012

A letter from Judge Pagano confirms a  “scheduled conference” would take place on March 5th. This was to be the evidentiary hearing I requested to discuss the fact that Snyder never paid his debt.  This was no conference.  I was AMBUSHED. Sheriff intimidation was used to force me to sign away my property rights under the NJ note I held for one-half the down payment of the Springfield home. I pleaded with the judge to ask Snyder for proof that would require me to discharge the lien. The judge ignored my pleas with repeated threats of jail. I reminded the judge of Superior Court’s Order that “vacated” his Order to remove the lien and of Judge Harry Bradley’s Order that DENIED the same but he just continued to threaten me with jail if I did not sign a release.

I was given ten [10] days to sign. This did not feel right. I certainly did not feel I was in America in a court of “law”.  I knew the judge had NO jurisdiction to remove a lien in another county in another state and particularly without proof to support lifting the lien.  I asked the judge why he would do this or how he could even do this. He replied, “because I’m the judge and I believe I have jurisdiction”.   Well, jurisdiction cannot be believed. Judges either have jurisdiction or they don’t. [link to march 5th  audio]


On March 15,  sheriffs were again placed at my sides. This time, I made sure I got a few things on the record. If the judge was going to force me to sign away my property rights and unjustly award Snyder, I had a few more questions for him. I told him I had gone over the original transcripts from the 1999 trial with a fine tooth comb. I showed him a transcript reflecting “his own words” stating Snyder had $0 equity in the Springfield property. I told him I could not for the life of me figure out how he came up with an award for Snyder of $19,000 while Snyder still owed me $20,000. He replied, “and you never will”.  Judge Pagano also appeared to be leading Snyder’s attorney to file a motion for that $7500 referred to in his Dec. 15, 2011 Order.  [link to march 15th   audio]

Under duress, I signed. Why? For my daughter’s sake. I could not stand what it was doing to her. With the thought of her mother possibly going to jail, she was now on medication for anxiety and had a new baby to care for.

She could understand my reasons to fight for my rights but as she reminded me, “Mom, isn’t your family more important than proving them wrong”.  Well, here we go again, out of the mouths of babes! Once again, my greatest accomplishment [my daughter] was the one who would force my hand. I would now sign for her. Yes, this was wrong and my rights have been violated. No due process or jurisdiction existed. No evidence to support such an order, but hell, I have people who love me and want me around. So, I signed. I believe everything that goes around, comes around. I feel sorry for all who were involved in stealing from me.


In the meantime, Snyder and his attorney are in contempt of court. Judge Pagano gave attorney Kelly a direct order on March 15th to have his client sign a quitclaim deed off my Springfield property. So far, I have not received a quitclaim deed.

I called the paper after the first jail threat on March 5th.  Why did Gil Spencer write that I was found in contempt when in fact no hearing ever took place to find me in contempt? Why was my case twisted into a story of a scorn woman and not about the unlawful taking of my property? Let’s take the focus off the court and the injustice so hopefully no one will notice what is really going on in the Delaware County Courthouse.

Well, sorry Mr. Spencer. I had numerous calls from my friends and acquaintances and even from others I have never even met. They saw right through you and the “good old boys”.

Honestly submitted by,

Paula M. Lombardi

To view Gil Spencer’s articles go to DELCOTIMES.COM & enter Snyder vs. Lombardi

To listen to what happens to legal abuse victims click here:

“The once-honorable profession of law now fully functions as a bottom-line business, driven by greed and the pursuit of power and wealth, even shaping the laws of the United States outside the elected Congress and state legislatures.”

Justice John F. Molloy

Update January 26, 2013

On May 31, 2012, I again inquired as to what became of my $22, 685 escrowed on August 10, 2001. The  Office of Judicial Support director Angela Martinez, stated that I was not entitled to that information but did assure me that my escrow was NOT in an interest bearing account despite the fact I was assured by the OJS clerk and my trial attorney, Michael G. Cullen, that it would indeed be in an interest bearing account.  I then visited the Court Administrator, Gerry Montella. He directed me to the Executive Director, Marianne Grace. Ms Grace acknowledged I had two [2] problems; the judge and my escrow. Later that day, I filed a Petition to Seek Accounting of my escrow. It has been ignored.

In June 2012, my testimony was filmed for the documentary, “Lawless America”. 

Since the filming, Snyder signed off my Springfield deed which then cost me $2000 to record.

With still no ruling on my Petition for an accounting, on October 25, 2012, I filed a Motion to Expedite.

Meantime, on January 17, 2013, I contacted the new attorney general Kathleen Kane and attached my Petition to Seek an Accounting of my Escrow. Although I received no response, I did receive an Order dated January 23, 2013 of an upcoming hearing on the Petition from former Delco district attorney now Judge,  G. Michael Green. A hearing was scheduled for March 18, 2013. 
Hopefully, Judge Green has learned for himself that something “smells” and will enter an order for the return of my escrow funds with interest.

…..UPDATE March 18, 2013…..

Well I found out what happened to my escrow funds. First of all, Ms Martinez fibbed in court today. Although she admitted that the alleged disbursement of nearly $19,000 to Snyder “does not appear” on either docket, she absolutely lied when she stated to Judge Green that she provided me with the knowledge of all the disbursements and that she provided me with canceled checks. She was also disingenuous when she stated that all the disbursements appear on the public access docket under judgement index. Shame on you Angela.

Remember the surprise hearing on June 24, 2009 when NO complaint was on the record and Judge Proud had no jurisdiction to even hold a hearing never mind enter an Order for a declaratory judgment?  Well, today I learned that although I  filed a “timely” appeal on July 28, 2009, allegedly a check was issued to Snyder on July 24, 2009. How in the world are funds disbursed when the Order is on appeal?   My right to take an appeal within the 30 days has been violated. FRAUD UPON THE COURT has occurred.

The evidence submitted by Angela Martinez to Judge Green as the Office of Judicial Support’s record keeping was a joke. She actually presented to the judge,  a “hand-written” index card reflecting four [4] dates for the alleged disbursements, expecting to appease me and that this card would suffice.

No canceled checks..No Orders to disburse, No bank name, No bank statements…nothing presented in court today…just a hand-written index card. Why would Judge Green accept this un-authenticated card from an unknown source as court record keeping and the ONLY evidence in support of the court’s “alleged” disbursements?

Why didn’t all the transactions reflect on the docket?  It appears it was a deliberate attempt to keep me in the dark to believe my funds were still in safe-keeping with the court.

Judge Green made a point of repeating himself several times, stating that my escrow was in a “NON-INTEREST” bearing account.  I reminded Judge Green of the law on escrow accounts and the requirement to record all court funds with the Pa. Treasurer. I told him my trial attorney Michael Cullen and the Office of Judicial Support clerk who took my check that day on August 10, 2001, both stated my funds would absolutely remain in an “interest bearing” account. The clerk stamped my receipt APPEAL “automatic supersedeas”.  I stated to Judge Green,  that since I discovered the report by the Pa Treasury Department dated February 25, 2010 and that the Delaware County Court was found liable for not reporting over $336,000 in un-returned bail bonds, I was worried my funds were also mishandled and that I had requested information several times before this day in court. I asked him if he wanted to see the letter dated May 22, 2012 from Investigator Charles Morrison stating no record of my funds existed in the Pa. Treasury Dept.  I stated the procedure on escrow funds deposited into the US courts according to Title 28 U.S.C 2041, 2042. This is when he realized I had been doing my homework. I told him that this was not over and that this case needs an investigation. March 18, 2013 hearing…


UPDATE March 28, 2013

On March 25, I faxed the director of the Office of Judicial Support, Angela Martinez and offered her the opportunity to send me all documentation she claimed she had already provided me in the past, including copies of issued checks. She phoned me the next day and said she would not be sending me anything and told me to “stop hacking at it”. I told her I was very surprised that she would lie in court and that I needed to see the paper trail of my money. She said, “there is none”.  Today, I filed a Petition to produce all banking documents regarding my escrow.

Update April 17, 2013

Today Angela Martinez tried to block me from filing a Notice of Appeal on Judge Green’s March 18, 2013 Order using my granted IFP status. [IFP means In forma pauperis and that you can’t afford the ongoing court fees].  I was forced to re-apply for IFP status but overlooked filling in the date as the 17th of April.  I was refused a time-stamped copy. Two [2] days later on April 19, 2013,  I received an Order DENYING my IFP status. The date space I overlooked filling in had been filled in by someone else as the 19th on the application form and sent back to me that very day. The signature of Judge Green did not appear to be authentic.  Once someone is granted IFP status it cannot be revoked without good reason. This is discrimination especially when someone is on Disability. The state is NOT immune from penalties when in violation of the ADA laws.  This is the court’s way of getting around proving the true receiver of my funds, they figure, she can’t afford the ongoing fees so hopefully she’ll go away.

 Update May 14, 2013

I received a “hand-written Order” in a hand-written envelope dated May 3, 2013. This alleged Order STRIKES my appeal of the March 18th, 2013 Order. Remember the “hand-written index card” presented to Judge Green on March 18, 2013 by Angela Martinez?  Can you guess who signed the “hand-written” Order to STRIKE my appeal?  Yep, Angela Martinez’s signature appears on this fake Order.  No judge’s signature, no seal of the court. No Notice Rule 236 page was attached.

In late April, I filed a Petition for Intervention by the president Judge and copied the district attorney and a few other officials.  Judge Kenney declined to intervene. Isn’t his job to oversee the judges of the court?

On May 6, 2013, a Private Criminal Complaint was filed with the district attorney against this lousy corrupt courthouse. I have asked for an update in writing as to the investigation. I have yet to receive one.

Since the Delaware County Court was refusing to prove their “alleged” disbursements of my escrow, I filed a Writ of Mandamus in Superior Court and an emergency Motion to VACATE the March 18, 2013 Order that DENIES me an accounting of my escrow.  For those who do not know, a WRIT means that the lower court has to do what Superior Court tells them to do.

An Order dated May 8, 2013 from Judge Green orders me to produce a 1925[b] statement. This means I am to state my reasons for my appeal of his March 18, 2013 Order. Something smell here too? Remember that hand-written order to STRIKE my appeal?  Why would Judge Green enter an Order five [5] days after STRIKING the appeal? It appears Judge Green did not send that Order to STRIKE after all.

I also received another Order dated May 8, 2013 from Judge Green that my Petition for Bank Records filed on March 28, 2013 will be held in abeyance until Superior Court makes a decision. No Notice 236 Rule page was attached and this Order is NOT on the docket making it VOID.

It appears  someone is desperately trying to BLOCK me from finding out the truth of who really received my escrow. I notified the president Judge, Judicial Conduct Board, FBI, Congressman Meehan, State Rep. Bill Adolf, Senator Erickson, Senator Casey, Senator Toomey, Rep. Hackett, AOPC, Attorney General, Auditor General, Court Administrator, Court Executive Director, US Attorney General, District Attorney and the Postal Inspector…you name it, I have written. Oh, and the ADA.

As the saga continues, I recently came across an article dated January 19, 2013 about a 32 year-long Delaware County employee that was charged with stealing more than $160,000 from the Register of Wills office over a six year period.

…May 26, 2013…

Last week the Superior Court claimed they had NO jurisdiction on The Writ of Mandamus stating there was no “appeal pending.” Isn’t the Superior Court in place to correct the errors of the lower court?  The very reason I filed the Writ was because I was denied access to the court using my IFP status to appeal Judge Green’s March 18, 2013 Order.  It IS noted on the Superior Court docket that I DO have IFP status. Superior Court stated SUPREME Court has jurisdiction since they can hear Writs when no appeal is pending. Not true. The Superior Court is well aware they can take care of this problem.

On May 29 I figured I write to CBS. Yes, they are very interested in my story.  Problem is, my story is so horrible and of such public interest,  that it needs much more time than the “3 on your side” segment would permit.  But they are pondering whether to air it anyway. I am considering going to 20/20, Dateline or 60 minutes.

Meantime, I filed a Notice of Intent to serve Subpoenas on the Office of Judicial Support, the Court Treasurer, Merrill Lynch and Fred Snyder. If the court claims Snyder received my funds, prove it!  Prove the court didn’t steal my money. Even if Snyder did receive my money, it was still an illegal action by the court. Why? because the Declaratory Order dated June 24, 2009 was on appeal!  So, either way, the court had no jurisdiction!

On June 1, 2013, I filed a Reconsideration on the Writ of Mandamus in Superior Court. It was denied.  On June 19, 2013,  I received the same May 8, 2013 Order from Judge Green that DENIES me bank records but this time the Notice Rule 236 page was attached reflecting the date signed as June 17, 2013 and entered on the docket June 18,2013. Why again?  Apparently I am learning the rules. Superior Court and the district attorney have been made aware of all the “sham” proceedings in the lower court.  The May 8, 2013 Order is not a valid Order.  Judge Green wants it to stand and if it did not appear on the docket with the Notice 236 rule page, it is VOID.  I will now appeal the May 8, 2013 aka June 17, 2013 Order that DENIES me an accounting of my escrow.  Imagine…. You are a litigant who entrusts the court with your money and you are blatantly denied proof of who received it.

Since the opposing party has not filed objections to my subpoenas and I followed the requirements prior to serving them, the subpoenas were served. I want proof of the alleged disbursements.  Why do I feel an escrow account was never initiated in my name or case number?

A Recusal for Judge Green was filed. Too bad. I really thought being a former DA, that he would get to the bottom of things but he does NOT appear to be on the right side either.

Letters are sent regularly to just about every official.  I want to keep them informed of every step the court is taking to conceal this obvious theft.  It appears I have to keep the pressure on the DA to investigate these criminal acts.

Why do I have to continue to remind the authorities that their responsibility is to protect the public from criminals….. especially when the criminals are within the Court?

UPDATE JULY 26, 2013

On July 3, 2013, the attorney for the Delaware County Court, Jim Gillin, filed a Motion to QUASH my Subpoenas. Wonder why?  I don’t.  On July 11, 2013, I filed an appeal on the order signed June 17, 2013 aka May 8, 2013 that denies me proof of the alleged disbursements.

On July 16, 2013, I mailed a chart with details of the submissions on the docket to the district attorney and to other officials. This chart shows every submission I received whether it appears on the docket or not, contains the necessary rule page or not, file-stamped or not, signed by a judge or not. Wait till they see the hand-written May 3, 2013 Order to STRIKE my appeal.  The chart with the detailed explanations were mailed to the president Judge as well.  As I mentioned to the district attorney, “most of the investigations of the submissions have been completed.”

On July 20, 2013, I filed a Petition in Superior Court requesting they Notify the Enforcement Authorities, Compel the lower court to Void all court orders, and to Force the Delaware County Court to Comply with the law. The chart and details were included.

On July 22, 2013, I filed a Motion to Void all Entries by a NON-PARTY.  The court is not a party in my case. A non-party must file a petition to intervene. No petition was filed, therefore procedure was not followed… the court did not follow it’s own rules!

On July 23, 2013, I sent a second notice to comply with the subpoenas and stated the deadline for the production of evidence of the alleged disbursements. I don’t expect they can produce.  Meantime, because I know the inevitable, I will be filing a petition for contempt after July 29, 2013.

Update July 31, 2013

As I expected, On July 30, 2013, Angela Martinez again abused her power as the director of the Office of Judicial Support. She   instructed her staff not to enter my Petition for Contempt on the docket unless I paid $25 for each docket entry. It is noted on the Superior Court docket that I have IFP status as Angela did assure me that she saw it, but still she violates the ADA laws by refusing to recognize my IFP status.  Also this day, she insisted I received an Order to DENY my Motion to Consolidate the Dockets. I had not.

The Order I received today is NOT time-stamped, does NOT contain the Notice 236 Rule page.  This is NOT a valid Order.   This Order addresses everything filed since July 1, 2013 including the Court’s motion to Quash the subpoenas. This Order DENIES Consolidation of the Dockets, Denies my Motion to Void all Entries by a Non-Party, DENIES my Petition for Recusal of Judge Green, and despite procedure was not followed by the court’s own solicitor, the Order GRANTS the Court’s Motion to Quash the Subpoenas. Surprised?  I’m not.  The file-stamp appearing on the docket today is July 30, 2013 at 3:01pm.  The Notice 236 Rule page appears BLANK on the docket.  This is still NOT a valid Order.  The Order also reads the disbursements of my escrow funds were distributed properly and that I did not perfect my appeal of the March 18, 2013 Order that denied my bank records. Recall something? The March 18, 2013 Order was NOT a valid Order and I received a “hand-written” Order STRIKING my appeal that was NOT signed by a judge.

Update August 28, 2013

During August, I re-filed an application for IFP status with an appeal of the Order dated July 29, 2013 that DENIES me everything I filed in July but grants the Quash of the Subpoenas filed by the “non-party”! I attached verification of my little income but nevertheless, I was denied with the application marked “insufficient information for ability to pay”. The auditor general has been contacted to do an investigation of the alleged disbursements.  On the other hand, the Delaware County district attorney has received more than enough evidence to merit an investigation but is dragging his feet. It’s not that Jack’s not a good guy…..he’s just having a hard time exposing the truth.   So…we need to help him.


Update as of April 2014

So much has taken place yet nothing at all!

Or who knows? After all, if you’re following what’s going on behind the scenes, they are all coming down one by one.

Since my last update, the Judicial Conduct Board has turned out to be a complete façade!

The Auditor General sends people to the Ethics Board who in turn gives out phony phone numbers.

In the meantime, I filed a claim with Pa Crime Victims. They really did want to help but unless the district attorney charges someone in the crime, they cannot do anything.

In September, I received another “handwritten” order from Angela Martinez that strikes Judge Green’s July 29th, Order. No Notice 236 rule page attached nor does it appear on the docket, which makes this order NOT valid.

At this point I can see that the lower court is so desperate to block the truth that it’s time to head to Commonwealth Court. Congressional letters were sent in my behalf and I filed my Petition for Commonwealth to review my IFP status and to take Jurisdiction over my matters.

Senators Toomey and Casey were notified of all the wrongdoings, including the retaliation and posting of my social security information by the Office of Judicial Support.   I filed a fraud report with the Inspector General and Social Security was notified. This was a Federal offense!

Casey’s office never responded but I was hopeful with Imani Johnson’s help from Senator Toomey’s regarding my inquiries on my ADA complaint filed back in May 2013.

By December, Imani had been corresponding with me continually until January when I was emailed a letter that was supposed to have been an Official response to Toomey.

The forwarded letter had a copied signature of Jocelyn Samuels with someone else’s initials beside it and NOT the person’s name I was told wrote the letter [Jana Erickson].   Although this letter was dated August 27th, 2013, It was emailed to me on December 31st, 2013. When I requested the hard copy from both the ADA and Toomey’s office, all correspondence STOPPED.

CNN was sent a Press Release. The press release was sent to all the media.

In the meantime, the dockets are continually manipulated. Orders appear then disappear, then appear again and disappear; most of which are NOT valid. Notice 236 rule pages are NOT signed by a judge or …you guessed it…signed by Angela Martinez.   SHE IS NOT A JUDGE.

In February, another complaint was sent to the Department of Justice and the Disability Rights Network.

CEO Judy Banks of the DRN was notified.

 Back to the Missing Escrow

 On February 20th, 2014 nearly one [1] year later since I discovered the theft of my escrow, I sent EACH member of County Council a separate letter to withdraw my April 1st, 2014 county taxes from my escrow account. NO response. On March 18th, 2014, a letter was sent to Chairman Tom McGarrigle as a reminder. NO response. I made a phone call and received a call back from the “assets manager”, George Cordes, who really is a nice person…but in a bad position!

April 1st, 2014, I received Mr. Cordes’ letter stating there is no escrow and the attached transcription of Angela Martinez’s testimony from March 18th, 2013.

On April 4th, a letter was sent back to Mr. Cordes that Judge Green’s Order does not satisfy the Pa. rules on escrow accounts or money paid into the court. Judge Green’s March 18th, 2013 Order is merely a transcription of words spoken by Angela Martinez on March 18th, 2013. Judge Green did not see any proof of the court’s “alleged” disbursements nor did he demand any evidence to support Ms. Martinez’s testimony.

A meeting was requested with the Executive Director and County Council to further discuss the matter of my missing escrow with no accounting.


Update coming soon……

Meantime, a march for Judicial Reform is in the making for May 2015….